What Inspired Me To Enter Into The World Of Entrepreneurship

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The thought of being a BOSS gives me goosebumps every time I think about it! Not only that, the risks that follow being an entrepreneur sort of inspires me in a weird kinda way.


Back home in Trinidad, we had the opportunity to choose our preferred field of study. Though I liked sciences, I loved business more and was drawn towards those subjects immediately after introduction.


Three of my favorite business subjects were Principles of Business,
Principles of Accounts, and Office Procedures.


I’d like to think I was pretty good in all three. Ha!


I remember having my first “pretend” business in school.


We were placed in groups and had to decide on a product to sell, and we had to actually sell the product.


I think we sold cakes or something of the sorts. Of course, my team and I made the most money! We made about $50 or so.


Pretty amazing, right? Haha!


So What Really Inspired Me?

Inspiration 1.

I grew up thinking and dreaming of being a boss almost all the time! I believe I was also highly influenced by my mom, who at the time owned two businesses.


She was a huge inspiration to me back then and, as a matter of fact, is still an inspiration to me now.


I saw how hard she worked, her burning desire to help as many people as possible, how much she helped them, and all the amazing rewards and benefits that followed…


I learned quite a lot from her. Till this day I emulate her in so many ways, it’s crazy!


I remember growing up saying to myself, I want to be like her!. LOL.


Inspiration 2.

My previous employers.


Yes, ALL of them!


Some of you might be wondering, huh? How so?!


Well, they inspired me in many ways, believe it or not.


Being ill-treated, disrespected, and humiliated by those employers did three things to me.


1. Hurt my feelings.
2. Inspired me to work towards my true heart’s desire which is to have and own a successful business, &
3. To never treat my employees the way they treated me.


I know, crazy! But they, too, taught me a lot.


In all honesty, I can’t say every one of them were horrible because there were some that were amazing. I learned quite a lot more valuable things from those few.


Either way, I am thankful for each and every experience, be it good or bad.


With all the experiences I’ve been through, I wholeheartedly look forward to the day where I can make my own schedule and truly enjoy life to the fullest.


Inspiration 3.

To make a long story short, guys, everything about entrepreneurship inspires me.

inspiration board

I am altruistic, and I find joy and happiness in knowing that I can put self on the back burner as much as I want, and I can be of help to someone any day, anytime.


I also yearn for stability, financial freedom, and the ability to spend more time with my family and friends, doing the things I love and enjoy.


Being an entrepreneur/small business owner ensures that you get at least two of these things. LOL ( Don’t quote me here)


Life is not perfect, and it inevitably doesn’t always go as we plan, but this shouldn’t stop us from striving for excellence every chance we get.


Today I’d like to invite you to strive for excellence.


Find out what inspires you, follow your dreams, and do what makes you feel happy.


Let’s all work towards building a successful career and life, shall we?!


always a ps

In case you were wondering how I envision my days ahead, have a look at my schedule below and tell me what you would add if it were you. Cool beans?


– 5:30-6 AM- Rise with the morning sun
– 6:30-7 AM- Enjoy my early morning devotion with my sweet Jesus
– 7:15-7:45 AM- Prepare breakfast for my daughter and myself.
– 8:05- 8:30 AM- School drop off
– 9:00-10 AM- Go for a morning run
– 10:15 AM- 4 PM- Start Working!
– 4:30 PM onwards – Do whatever I want!


Now I am sure this may change-up from time to time, but hey, this looks like a perfect schedule to me!


In my next post, I’ll share what my current life schedule is like.


Maybe you can follow along to see when and how soon it changes as I ride along my entrepreneurial journey.

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