Steps to landing a nanny job- From a Nanny’s perspective

Searching and finding the perfect family to work for can be pretty tough at times. You may find yourself going on countless job interviews, meeting families you like, and some you do not like. This type of situation is inevitable.


At some point, though, you will finally meet a family that you absolutely love and they will love you just as much in return.


So do not despair because when this happens, a sense of satisfaction and happiness comes over you and it’s just an incredible feeling.


Today I’d like to share with you some of the things we as caregivers don’t think about when searching for a job.


I have personally used these steps, and they proved to be successful.


Just as parents have the right to choose the best caregiver for their family, I believe a caregiver also has the right to and should choose the best family to work with according to their true heart’s desire.


These steps may not resonate with everyone, but I do hope you find value in it and hopefully try a thing or two! Hehehe.


So without further ado, here we go:

The Manifestation Process


1. Envision yourself working with a great family.

Envision lots of laughter, learning, encouragement and support. Always think positive. Speak those things that are not as though they be, and have faith that you will get exactly what you desire.


2. Write down your goals and define the exact position you are looking for.

Are you looking for a full time or part time position? Are you comfortable with doing extra housework while you care for the kids? How much will you charge per hour or weekly? What type of activities do you enjoy doing with the kids? What is your main purpose for applying for this job? Knowing what you want is extremely important. Writing these things down will bring lots of clarity to you as well.


The Practical Process


Once you have figured out exactly what you are looking for, it’s time to move on to the Practical Process.


This is when you start putting things into place to get the job you desire.


3. Write down some questions you’d like to ask your future employer.

Remember you want to find a great family to work for. Preferably a family you are compatible with. A family that will respect you as a professional caregiver, and one that you will respect as well.


4. Start searching!

Ask friends and family if they know of any jobs that are available in your specific field. Or, visit websites such as, (coming soon) fill out a detailed profile about yourself and your experience, then search and apply for jobs. Before you apply for any job, read the job post very carefully, and make sure it’s a job you are fully interested in. If you do decide to apply for a job, always be professional, and check for grammatical and spelling errors. Believe it or not, some employers judge you based on those two things.


5. Prepare for your interviews.

Once you find a few potential jobs and are offered a chance to have an interview, prepare yourself. First you should have a pre-interview over the phone. Know that you are not the only person that will be interviewed. You need to also interview your future employer as well. Find out what services are they looking for? How many hours per week do they need your services? What do they expect of you? How much are they willing to pay you for your services? Are they willing to pay you for sick days? (These last two questions can be asked on the in-person interview, it’s up to you.) These are extremely important questions to ask as they will determine if that family will be a good fit for you or not.


6. Be observant.

While on the interview, observe as much as you can about the family. How did they greet you when you first arrived and entered their home? Did they offer you something to drink? Were they very serious or laid back? Did they show signs of happiness among themselves? Were the questions they asked relevant to the position you are applying for? Did you sense any chemistry between you and them? How about the kids? Were they friendly, or mean? Talkative or reserved? Well behaved or bratty?


7. After leaving the interview, it’s time to do some evaluation.

Did your criteria match theirs and vice versa? Are there any specific things you know you’d be able to help them improve? Were there things you did not like about them? Did the job seem promising? How did you feel while you were in the interview? If they called you back the next day for a trial, would you be willing to go?


So there you have it; my unconventional steps to find nanny jobs. LOL.


What are you thoughts? Do you have anything to add? You know I’d love to hear all of it!


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