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Setting SMART goalsSo 2016 is here, New Years Resolutions are set, and most of us fail to accomplish those resolutions because, well, it goes great for the first two weeks, but when life gets in the way, who even remembers that they’ve set resolutions at the beginning of the year?


I often hear questions such as: Why do we go back to doing the same old things? Why are the goals we set for ourselves so hard to achieve? What are some things we can do to ensure we stick to those new resolutions?


I know for a fact those are the same questions I ask myself.


To be quite honest, I think it’s because we don’t want it bad enough. Or maybe we do, but there’s no one around to support and motivate us to achieve those goals. Also, self-motivation is a real task, especially if we are not used to motivating ourselves to get things done.


Recently, I find myself struggling to achieve goals I set for myself. I start, but when life/stress gets the best of me, all I want to do is watch Netflix, eat ice-cream, and chill with my pillows.


It bothers me a lot, and I’d seriously like to work on ‘fixing’ that problem.


As a business owner, not setting goals can affect the way I run my business, and it can also be the deciding factor on whether my business will truly be a successful one or not.


I believe, setting and achieving goals are crucial to one’s life. Period.


Hence, today, April 2nd, 2016, I’m challenging myself to achieve two goals as a start.


These goals are:
1. To stop eating all dairy products and animal flesh by the end of the year, &
2. Write a 300-1000 word article every day, for the next 30 days.


accomplish goals


Though I’d like to talk about one goal today, I’ll be doing both simultaneously.


Don’t worry; I’ll give you an update on the 30-day writing challenge. 🙂


They say to achieve goals; you should first write them, then set a plan as to how you will meet them and of course, work on them every single day until you’ve accomplished each and every one of them.


So, here I am, openly writing one of my goals on my blog. 😀


There’s this short but fantastic acronym I like to follow.


It’s called SMART Goals, and it goes like this:
S– specific
M– measurable
A– achievable
R– result-focused
T– Time-bound


In case you’re not familiar with how setting SMART Goals work, here’s my live example on how to set and create a mini-plan for my goals.


As I mentioned before, I’d like to talk about one of my goals today, and that’s Goal 1. To ultimately stop eating all dairy products and animal flesh.


The purpose of this goal: 1. I want to transition to a fully raw vegan lifestyle. 2. I firmly believe that the original diet that was given to man back when God created the first two people on this earth is THE BEST food forever!. That diet consisted of nuts, grains, seed, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. All of which was and still is, full of nutrition which was specially made for our delicate human bodies. 3. God wants me to be prosperous and in excellent health, and I also want those 2 for myself.


So, Is my goal Specific? Yes. Starting April 2nd, 2016, I will not consume any dairy products or animal flesh, better known as meat.


That means, no cow or goat milk, cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, etc. Ouch@ icecream! SMH.


Is it Measurable? Yes. To ensure I reach my goal within the next 6-9mths, I will track my progress on a weekly basis. Every week that passes by without me giving in to my cravings to the above foods mentioned will be counted as progress towards my ultimate goal.


Is it Attainable? Yes. I believe any goal is attainable when you create a specific plan detailing how you’re going to go about reaching that goal. So you’d need to ask yourself questions such as what are the steps required to get to the first milestone? How do you plan on getting to that milestone?


For example: My first milestone is to get to the end of next week Saturday without consuming any dairy or meat.


How do I plan to reach that milestone?


1. I will set aside a budget to purchase my organic fruits & veggies, etc.
2. On Sunday, I will make a trip to the grocery store, and the only aisle I’ll be frequenting is that of the fresh produce.
3. I will then wash, cut and prepare my meals for the week. That depend on whether I’ll be steaming veggies, or simply making a bunch of delicious smoothies!


Is it Realistic? Yes. I know it is because I’ve done it before, but because of stress, laziness, and lack of motivation, I reverted to my old habits. I totally slipped up, but not this time!


I am going all in! Furthermore, there are millions of people out there with real testimonies on their amazing transition from being an omnivore to a strictly plant-based diet. If they can do it, I can too!


Is it Time-bound? Yes. I once read that when you set a goal without a time frame, there’s no sense of urgency. With no sense of urgency, it’s easier for you to be complacent and it’s also easy for you to say, “oh, I’ll just get it done someday,” and then five years later, you never actually get said thing done.


As for my goal, though it might be indeed difficult, I wish to give myself six months to nine months to completely wean myself off dairy products and meat.


It may take longer, who knows? But I honestly believe this is possible and achievable.


So, friends, my journey to seriously setting and achieving goals begins today.


Here’s to a healthy lifestyle, a healthy weight, more energy, pure thoughts, lots of clarity, and abundance in life!


Anyone out there willing to keep me accountable?!


Also, any of you have a set of goals you’re working on lately? I’d love to hear about it so let me know! Maybe I can keep you accountable too! 🙂


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