So you are busy, and I am busy, too! We all lead busy lifestyles; I get it.


However, a bit of outside help comes in handy, right?


Thankfully, there’s a bunch of brilliant people out there who were kind enough to create things to help us make life easier. Though some of those things are distracting at times, it’s still a blessing!


Below are some of my favorite resources that help with time management, productivity, and more.


These resources have helped me tremendously and I believe it will be helpful to you too.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



Children Bits


Hooked On Phonics– Lovely books for kids

I see me– Create personalized books and use as gifts

The honest company Natural Family & Baby Products

The Land of Nod– Great furniture for kids


Personal Services Bits


KizzyCares– {coming soon} If you’re looking to earn extra cash, find jobs here. (This is my business, FYI)– Personal financing made easy. or Klove radio- perfect for inspirational music.


Educational Bits


Kindle app– Purchase books on amazon, and read them on this app. It’s amazing!– Learn technology, creative, and business skills here.

Grammarly– Grammarly helps with your spelling, grammar and more.– Learn how to start and run your blog and small business. ( I love these guys!)

Podcast- Download and listen to a podcast about anything. I only listen to podcasts about business and entrepreneurship. Here are my favorite podcasters: The Fizzle Show,- Corbett Barr & friends, Entrepreneur on Fire- John Lee Dumas, Smart passive income- Pat Flynn and Social Triggers- Derek Halpern.


Must Read Books Bits


How to win friends and influence people– Dale Carnegie

Boundaries– Henry Cloud

The 4-Hour Work Week– Timothy Ferriss

Think and grow rich-Napolean Hill



Business Services Bits– Find FREE business mentors.

Micromentor– Find more mentors.

Fiverr– Get help with anything web related for just $5! Cheap…

MOO– Get the best looking, excellent quality business cards here.

LegalZoom– Get help with the legal aspect of your business.

Freshbooks– Business accounting made easy.


Personal and Business Tools Bits


Buffer or HootSuite– Manage your social media posts with ease by scheduling the times they go out.

Canva– Create lovely images for your social media use

Evernote app– A Perfect app for taking notes, writing ideas, etc.

Asana– Manage your projects here with your team

Paypal– Send cash quickly and securely to family and friends. You can also receive payments from clients.

Unsplash or Pixabay– Find free images to use for your blogs and other commercial use.

GoDaddy– Purchase domain names here.

AcesRank– (This is my business) My team of web designers/ developers, and digital marketing specialist are simply awesome! Interested in getting your own website? Check us out here.

Hostgator– Host your website here.

Mailchimp– Send out automated emails for up to 2000 contacts for free.


As I continue to embark on this entrepreneurial journey, I will keep updating this list to ensure you find exceptional quality in them as well.


Should you choose to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, I hope this list will be the one you refer to for all your “boss” needs.  Ha!


Please note that this page contains some affiliate links, which simply means I earn commissions if you decide to purchase anything after clicking those links.


There is no additional cost to you.  Of course, any support given is greatly appreciated but is not mandatory.


Thank you for being so kind.




Leave me your lovely thoughts!