My Last Day As A Full-Time Nanny


June 30th- Today is my LAST DAY working as a full-time nanny.


I thought I would feel so depressed, stressed, and incredibly sad right now. To my surprise, though I feel sad that I am leaving the most lovely family I’ve ever worked with, the majority of me feels very happy and free.


I feel happy because I am finally ready to


1. Move out of NYC, and
2. Pursue my dream of being a full-time business owner.


I’m happy because I can now consider myself free to do whatever I want without the constraints of having to ask for permission to do whatever I want. Lol.


This is the end of a lifestyle that felt controlled by a “corporate” world.


For 10+ years my work schedule as a nanny looked like this Monday-Friday:


-Wake at 6:00 am
-Pray between 6:10-6:20 am
-Shower around 6:30 am
-Train ride or car drive to work 7:15 am
-Arrive and start work at 8:30 am
-End work around 6:00 pm
-Train ride or care drive back home
-Dinner around 7:30-8pm
-A bit of Tv or Netflix if I’m in the mood
-Go to Sleep around 11 pm or 12 am
-On occasions, after work, I would go out on dates if I was asked out or simply hang out with family and friends.
-Then, of course, repeat the same thing the next day.


My weekend looked like this:


Saturdays, I would go to church, or I would stay home. Either way, I observe the sabbath, so I never worked or indulged in any secular activities. It’s a day of total rest, fellowship with other believers, and communion with the Lord. I love and appreciate Saturday so much! It’s my favorite day of the week!


On a Sunday, I’d do laundry, cook if I’m in the mood, clean up my home, and just relax!


Do you all see that schedule? This has been happening year after year after year!


Can ya’ll imagine how burnt out I feel?


Looking back in retrospect, I see why I felt depressed a lot.


I was literally unable to actually ‘enjoy’ my life the way I would have liked to. Many of those years I worked all year long, without a vacation. Luckily, the last 4 years I had plenty of time off. Still, what did I do? I Stayed home!


You may be wondering why?


Well, as a single parent living paycheck to paycheck, while residing in a city that is ridiculously expensive, I simply can’t afford to take vacations.


Not only that, aside from providing for my daughter and taking care of my personal needs, paying my bills on time is at the top of my priority list.


Being the perfectionist I am, I’m afraid of being in debt, and I really hate being broke, too. So, For all those years, I opted to make sure all my bills were paid on time, and I had enough money in the bank just in case of any emergency.


Therefore, my desire to take fun vacation trips remained just that. A desire that never actually came to fruition. Ha!


Oh well, That’s just how life is sometimes, right?


Anyway, from this moment on, I can finally say that I no longer have to worry about setting my alarm for 6 am to rush to work on someone else’s dream.


Tomorrow, July 1st is the day I can finally say; I now have the opportunity to work full time on my business, and my dreams, and create the lifestyle I’ve desired for so long.


I can create my own work schedule, spend more time with my loved ones, take a break whenever I please, and even go to a docs appointment without asking for permission to do so. Hahaha!


I am freeeeee from all 9-5 Jobs, guys! I no longer have to feel unhappy & Unsatisfied with the unfulfilling lifestyle I’ve lived for over a decade!


This is such a great feeling!


Now, don’t get me wrong, folks. Though this feels good now, there are some rocky roads ahead. I am fully aware that the road ahead to becoming a successful entrepreneur will not be easy, but I’m a risk taker, I’ve got good faith, I’ve got God on my side, and I’m determined to make big things happen for myself and my family!


I don’t believe in luck, but I do believe in success! So, friends? Will you all wish me success?


I surely do wish you all success!




P. S. I wrote this post soley for rejoicing purposes. I hope you all don’t mind!


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