Getting To Know Kizzy

So there’s this little questionnaire going around, and I’d love to join in on the fun. I figured it would be cool to share some fun facts about me with you guys. Hopefully, these answers will give you a bit of insight about what type of person I am. If it doesn’t, however, the main things you need to know is that I am an introvert, I like sweet foods, I’m cynical at times, and I can be moody too, lol. But most importantly, I am super cool overall. 😀

So Here. We. Go!

~ Bath or shower? Shower! I get some of my best ideas while I’m in the shower. Lol.

~ Straight or curly hair? Curly

~ Favorite holiday? I can’t honestly say I have a favorite holiday as I enjoy all of them! Who doesn’t enjoy a day or two where you don’t have to work?

~ Android or iPhone? iPhone all day! I am obsessed with Apple products. Actually, all my electronic devices are from Apple. Though I feel like a sell out in some ways because I also own the Samsung s7 phone, which is strictly for business. 🙂

~ Texting or call? Texting. I think I write better than I talk. lol

~ Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I am not sure why I am not a huge fan of Twitter.

~ Favorite type of food? I am a Trinidadian. Therefore, nothing will ever taste as good as Caribbean food to me. Macaroni pie, stew chicken, lentil peas, & plantains.

~ Dream job? I believe in creating jobs. That’s why I have my own business. That, to me, is a dream. 🙂

~ Favorite pizza? Domino’s thin crust pizza with pineapple & spinach toppings. Yum!

~ Favorite cake? I LOVE sponge cake.

~ Talking or fighting? Talking. As long as I can yell until my throat hurts. Hehe.

~ Night or day? Night. I love to sleep, but if I am up, I enjoy it because it’s just so very peaceful at night. I am usually at ease, and not in a rush to do anything. I really enjoy that.

~ Summer or winter? OMG! I could go on and on about how much I HATE the winter. Give me a hot sunshiny, summery all day, every day!

~ Wine or whiskey? White wine

~ Makeup or no makeup? Very little makeup.

~ Favorite TV show? Oh, this is hard. If I had to choose a genre, it would be action/drama.

~ Hair up or down? I use to love my hair up in ponytails, but as I’ve gotten older things have changed. I mostly rock my hair down now.

~ Jeans or leggings? Leggings! …Because it’s more comfortable.

~ Painted or none painted nails? Painted.

~ Favorite color? Peach

~ T-shirt or dress shirt? Dress shirt. I like to dress up and look fancy from time to time.

~ Flip flops or sneakers? Where’s the high heels option? I’ll have to choose Flip flops for now.

~ Big purse or small? Big.

~ How many tattoos? None. I don’t like tattoos of any kind.

~ How many piercings? 1 in each ear.

~ Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds

~ Favorite animal? None. Not an animal type of girl. Though I won’t mind having a pet fish.

~ Rap or country music? Country music. I love me some good, soothing, country music.

There you have it, guys. I hope you all don’t think I’m too weird. HA!

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