Kizzy CookeHi there lovelies, I’m Kizzy, and you have no idea how happy I am to have you here with me!.


Trust me when I tell you, I am elated! 😀


I’m the chatterbox behind The Nanny Boss and the founder of a new digital marketing agency which I like to call my second baby.



I am originally from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago where I lived for only 15 years of my life, before migrating to the U.S.


I now live in New York City, but I am dying to move to San Diego, CA! Why? Because the weather is beautiful all year round! HA!


my daughter

I am also a single mom to a beautiful teenage girl who is the brightest shining star in my world.


Being a single mom is tough, but I am super grateful to my mom for sticking with us through thick and thing.


Life without my mom equals to no life! LOL.


Shy, moody,  intelligent, shopaholic, and always laughing are a few things that describe my daughter.


She’s a true blessing to me indeed!


Friendly, introverted, altruistic, spiritual, resilient, full of humility and love, are a few adjectives I like to use to describe myself.


I am obsessed with Jesus. He’s the lover of my soul, my savior, my friend, my everything!


I am passionate about living a healthy and holistic lifestyle, helping, inspiring, and encouraging others, mindfulness, and so much more!


Kizzy, The Nanny…

I have been a nanny for over ten years. Gosh, that’s a long time!


Within those ten years, I’ve had the privilege to work with many families. Some of which were great, and some that were not so great. Either way, I am grateful for the experience, and all the invaluable lessons I’ve learned as time went by.


I love and enjoy working with children.


I love that they can be so precious today and miserable little rascals tomorrow. I love that they are super cranky in the mornings, but sweet little darlings in the evening.


Children are fantastic, and I am thankful that I get to be a part of their lives in whatever little way I can.


As you dig deeper into my blogs, you will learn all about my experiences as a nanny.


Hopefully, there are valuable lessons, advice, tips & tricks you might find interesting enough to use and apply to your nanny career.



So What’s My Purpose For Blogging? 

The purpose for me starting this blog is to not only share my experiences as a nanny but to document and share my journey into the world of entrepreneurship.


success board











I want to express freely how I feel about everything!


So I may talk about life in the US as a foreigner, being a nanny, the ups, and downs of entrepreneurship, the awesome feeling of creating a successful business as well as an amazing work- life balance, and more.


Through it all, my aim in life is to be an inspiration to anyone; it really doesn’t matter who it is.


What matters is that I always do my best to encourage and motivate someone to follow their true heart’s desire to become successful at whatever they do, whether that’s being an A+ employee, or a rockstar BOSS!


What Can You Expect & What’s in the Future? 

You can expect me to be totally transparent, expressive of my true feelings, sympathetic, and overall fun.


DISCLAIMER: I will have you all know that I am not an entrepreneur expert, nor do I consider myself a nanny guru.


What I am, however, is an imperfect yet super cool woman.


I aspire and work very hard to be the best mom I can be, the best friend I can be, and the best nanny who transformed my life so much that I am the best entrepreneur I can be.


As for the future, I honestly don’t know what it holds, but my plan is to continue on this journey regardless of the trials and tribulations that may arise.


With you, I will share my success, my failures, my doubts, and even my fears.


What would make me happy is if you all would share some of your experiences with me. I’d love to hear them all.


So, without further ado, HERE. WE. GO!

Leave me your lovely thoughts!